Famous Sayings Of Hazrat Umar R.A

Farooqi’s golden bouquet of sayings

• The person who laughs more, the less he gets.

• The more the joke, the less thoughtful and rude the people are.

• The one who talks more, the more he gets.

• Whose tendencies are high, their vitality decreases.

• The person whose life is diminished, his or her abstinence decreases.

• A person whose diet is reduced will lose heart

The good work that brings prosperity

By reciting the Quran

By thanking God

By apologizing for sins

To Recite Surah Yaseen in morning and

To Recite Surah waqiah in evening

By praying five times

Helping the poor and forced

By treating parents and relatives well

May Allah bless me for the times and make sure to bring them to the right cost.

seven 7 things come to fruition because of it

1. By praying early.

2. In the urinary tract.

3. By lighting the lamp with the mouth.

4. Cleaning the mouth with the legs or sleeves.

5. By standing and urinating

6. By standing and drinking water.

7. Toothpick.

• God created the universe for you and for your worship.

• If a camel is thirsty on the banks of the Euphrates, then it will be questioned by age.

• If you want to know where you are from God? So see what the creation of God thinks of you.

• Calculate the world before the Hereafter and weigh your actions in the world before weighing your actions in the balance.

• Due to the requirements of the circumstances and times, new problems are being created for the people and hence new laws are needed to solve them.

• It is a strange condition of a human being to make a mistake in his donkey or bull so he runs for his correction but does not run the race for his correction.

• “Abdullah Ibn ‘Umar (RA) raised his hand in the management of the Majlis-e-Shurai, but the Khilafah would have nothing to do with it.”

• “I advise my chosen caliph to fear God and to work well with all refugees and with all concessions.”

I wish ! I used to be a pet daydream and I was so fed up that people would come to see me and then I would be slaughtered.

 Some people would eat my meat by roasting it and eating my meat but I was not human! ”(History al-Khalifa)

“Prayer Farooq Azam”

Oh god Give me the death of the martyr in my path


Let me die in the city of Medina (my beloved Prophet). “

Thank God I did not die by any Muslim.

• Thanked Allah when the steps and aspects of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) were found in the Holy Prophet’s funeral for burial.

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