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E Quran online classes are very interesting and very effective. Kids, ladies, aged people and even people with busy schedule can learn Quran online on the E-Quran online by teachers from Pakistan and Egypt. People with frequent migration because job and business will find Quran online Quran Classes online very effective In-Shaa-Allah. Learn Quran via E Quran online with our skilled and experienced teacher online with Tajweed and proper recitation. Skype technology empowered the learning process with crystal clear sound. Students and teachers can communicate using screen sharing; to use it as whiteboards, audio and video conversations. It helps them to make the learning session better than live in person or face to face. Simultaneous work of all functions of E-Quran online leads to a very comprehensive classroom environment.

How to Do E Quran online

E Quran online now many years of online Quran class’s online and other tuition services online. We will help you set up for Quran classes. We first set up your account on our website and then you will have online Quran classes online. Your kids and you will find it very interesting and will learn online at E Quran online. Our experience of teaching online using E-Quran online and other software is more than many years. We have an advance system to use for classes on our website as well as keep you up to date for your learning and your progress as well as by learning online at E Quran online classes.

How Do We Work?

You can reach us only with few clicks and start your lessons. Once you talk to us, you will need some simple steps to start your course. We offer different courses. You can choose the course according to your interests and needs. We provide skype lectures which have audio / video communication software.

Why are we having online courses for children?

We use lectures using modern technology and advanced teaching methods. Our Academy based on learning system.

Our online Quran classes are more effective than face to face learning. Our Skype sessions are better than face to face learning because they are based on an interactive one on one session. The courses are very interesting and motivating. The children not only study the Koran but they also understand how they include Islamic education in their lives. So join us and we will teach you how to make your base. We have the best tutors who give good instructions on different courses. They are aware of the recitation rules and told students that the appropriate way to read. We have a male and female tutor for the Quran online. Our teachers are able to speak English, Urdu, and Arabic. The Courses We Offer is currently offering the following categories to our curriculum. Qaida Noorani with Tajweed Recitation Memorization (Hifz) Program Translation (Turjuma) Islamic Studies for Children Tafseer Classes from Pakistan Who can take lessons with us?

Our programs are for children and adults including male and female students. The children of 4 years old can join us for taking a lesson. A mature adult can also join us at the age of 50. Our online medieval classes for children welcome children to get started with us on the reception of children. Our tutorial benefits of our academy provide all effective tuning services including Islamic education from Pakistan. All teachers teach lessons in interactive environment. There are lessons for your family too. We have family packages. You can benefit from the round the clock of our tutors. It means you can take some time with courses. We have very flexible scheduling for all the students. We only choose the best tutors for the course of our students through every course that we offer.

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