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Quran is the last book of ALLAH that revealed on Prophet Muhammad (peace be up him).  ALLAH has revealed totally of four books on various Prophet.

1: Torah or Torat revealed on Prophet Musa

2: Zbur revealed on prophet Dawood

3: Injil revealed on prophet Esa(jesus)

4: Quran is revealed on Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him)

First three books are in unaltered form with the passage of time and about the Quran GOD said “the Holy Quran is revealed by us and we are the protector of this book”

Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) said “the most superior among you (Muslim) are those who learn the Quran and teach it”

It is very important for Muslim to recite the Quran and learn. The book holy Quran is complete guide according to which Muslims should lead his\ her life. Different kind of issues related to

Economy, wealth family matter and health discussed in it. 

Quran has 30 juzz and 114 surah,86 are Makki surah and 28 are Madni. Every surah has the shortest and unique length. The shortest surah is AL-KOSAR, it has 3 verses. And Longest surah is AL-BAQARA contain 286 verses.

How To Learn Quran Online

The good way to learn the Quran is for kids and a new student who did not know how to read the Quran is Madni Qaida. Qaida is a book for the beginner to learn the Quran. Students would go to Quran academies or

Madrassas or private tutors would come the home to teach children. This is a still prevalent method for

Teaching and learning. Now, due to advanced technology, it is possible for the parent to hire the Quran

Tutor for Children that can teach at home at any time. You can learn online Norani Qaida in the UK, US,

Canada and Australia with the help of our highly qualified tutor.

We have a highly qualified tutor. They have the Holy Quran by heart and also know the rules of Tajweed.

We are offering the following courses.

  1. Basic Quran Reading
  2. Custom Course
  3. Quran Translation
  4. Quran Reading with Tajweed
  5. Basic Islamic Knowledge
  6. Quran Memorization

Special offers

We have special offers for multiple family members. Our fesses are affordable for multiple families

Members. Please visit our fee section for detail.|

Learning with E-Quran online is very easy. Just click on skype to start learning with us.

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