How to Memorize the Quran

Memorizing the religious text is distinct from committal to memory of alternative texts. it’s a good responsibility to be told the religious text properly, as no word or perhaps the littlest makharij is also altered.


Changing makharij oftentimes modifies the complete which means and context of the word and verse. The religious text is that the message of Allah, and in and of itself, it ought to be studied and command with utmost concentration and nice responsibility.

Being able to memorize the religious text could be lovely expertise, a valuable plus, and a sacred possession in and of itself. you will moreover carry the religious text in your heart. despite wherever you go or what you are doing, the sunshine of the Holy Bible follows you.

Do you want to share the constant experiences? does one want to carry the holy book in such shut proximity?

Having the extraordinary power and strength of memorizing the religious text for kids? square measures you seeking knowledge to help you in achieving this goal?

You have found the right location; we have a tendency to square measure here to assist you to realize your dreams. enable America to help you achieve this ‘PLEASURE’.

Because committal to the memory of the religious text in its entireness needs a good deal of effort and struggle, several rewards and virtues are preserved for you.

A person WHO has memorized the religious text is thought of as a “Hafiz-e-Quran” and is commanded in high regard by Allah and His traveler (S.A.W). per the religious text and Hadith, a Hafiz possesses superior privileges over alternative Muslims during this life.

Hafiz leads the prayer, and he’s favored for leadership if he will handle the responsibility. Moreover, Hafiz’s privileges and rewards continue into their lifespan.

In the lifespan, a Hafiz’s standing would be proportional to the last verse he memorized. He would be moving with the angels. A Hafiz would wear a crown Associate in Nursingd an honorable garment. In the end, the religious text can represent him before Allah.

Why recruit within the religious text committal to memory Course?

We, at religious text straightforward, supply the religious text committal to memory course, that we’ve got compiled the highest religious text students and specialists.


A thorough schedule would be mentioned to you at the start of the session and our professionals would assist you to follow it to realize your goal within the set timeframe.

You will be subjected to recurrent tests to make sure that you just retain the religious text and don’t forget it; forgetting the religious text has severe consequences.

Through recurrent revisions, tests and quizzes, we are going to certify your religious text committal to memory stays intact, and you ne’er get any word wrong. Follow-up categories also will be taken monthly to assist you to revise the learned surahs and paras.

In addition, your teacher can work to facilitate committal to memory and assist you in overcoming any committal to memory difficulties.

In religious text straightforward, we’ve got male and feminine native religious text academics specialized in religious text teaching. They hold Ijazah in square measure qualified to show the religious text to youngsters and adults.

So, get yourself registered for the “Quran Memorization” course and become a Hafiz/Hafiza of the Holy religious text.

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