Learn Quran Online

Learn Quran Online


Muslims, have faith that our Religion is “Islam“. Islam gives a complete code of life. Few people make an effort to learn the thing going in daily routine in life from the Quran. Quran is the source of Faith for all of us. But the main thing is learning.

E-Quran Online School is a way to learn the Whole Thing about our daily life according to Islam from Quran.


Reading the Quran in Urdu, English, and Arabic


As an Important and Exclusive book, the Quran has been translated into deferent kinds of languages. Urdu, English, and Arabic are the main languages in which the Quran has been translated. These Three Languages are mostly spoken in the World. Quran is translated in these kinds of languages keeping in view the fact that’s much easier when they are in mother Language. It’s so necessary that what are you reading, what are you reciting. Recitation in your own languages will improve your understanding of the surah or ayah Especially, in the case Of the Quran, it is so easy and better when it’s your own language or native language. Nowadays it’s so easy to learn Quran online in your own languages through the E-Quran Online School.


Online Quran Recitation


Recitation Quran online is so easy from the help of our highly qualified and most experienced teachers. we offer Quran Teaching in multiple languages like Urdu, English, Arabic, Punjabi, Pushto,  Saraiki and Hindi. No doubt, reading the Quran in your native language will not only be pleasing you it’s also refreshing for you.  Because it is the original form. If you do not know Arabic and want to learn the Quran in your mother languages stop worrying and Registered with equranonlineschool and learn Quran in your native language from  E-Quran Online School.

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